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Leopard Impianti

LEOPARD IMPIANTI is a young and dynamic business, which dedicates its work to innovation and research of new working methods.

Its customer has a crucial role in the development of new products since its founding in 1980.The business believes that constant update and the use of mechanics together with electronics are important to build a solid and stable future.

The brand LEOPARD stands for quality, reliability and technology. It produces grinders, shredders, wood chip machines, refiners, micronizers, dryers, plants for pellets, plants for plastic and electric cables regeneration.

Two features are crucial for a good machine and a good plant:

  • Planning

    Each LEOPARD machine is created to satisfy the end user. In fact, it is important to de-velop machines, which are easy to ne handles by workers.

  • Heart

    Each LEOPARD is assembled with passion, as if it were a little child.

LEOPARD is a project characterized by a constant development and the quality of its machines and plants reflects the passion and devotion of its working team.